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good points for 1:1

With the iPads in the class you have constant participation, all are asked to find examples of something and then they all give different points of view on their finds and why.

If students are watching a How To video or teaching each other how to do something on the iPad -- they know more - which is my goal.

If a student is shy, or timid they won't ask to see a video again. But with the iPads they can watch it over and over until they individually understand. If the goal is HOW to learn something students can show you how.

Students have their own choice - this is a huge advantage, because now we have asked them to read all the same thing in the textbook, now I am asking pick an article You like and tell us how and why it is important and on the web, and what makes you think it is the best story. or such. Again students are evaluating their choices and learning more about what grabs their attention.

The students want to learn with the iPads, and I know they don't come to school every day to fail, they come so they won't fail... so we need to do things that engage and make sure they are learning for their future.
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