Donna (elfinmajic) wrote,


To clear up that last post, It should have said Diane Keaton. Not lane, I have no idea who lane is. goofy tho I think.

I am home alone tonight. I hate that. been home alone this week every day... John has worked probably 24/7 these last two weeks due to crazy crap at his office, it makes me sick how much he works and how much he don't get paid for it.

I am lonesome and its getting old. I am really unhappy about my life. Living with my mother is enough to drive a person nutty. I have no friends up here in the city and that gets old. I don't understand the ones I have from the country. The kiddoes are my friends. They are going out now and about all the time.

I am sitting at home watching reruns, which normally would be fine, except I hate it. I wonder how long this will last.....

Today I walked the dogs, ate chinese food and took a nap. SWANG in my swing out back for like an hour.... um thats it. Went to the library, I am going to look up some books I want to request from the library and download some music... and watch some more reruns... since j won't be home til like 10. Then he will be on the computer until like 12.

tomorrow he wants me to go to his sisters... which I don't wanna go over there with his parents.... however i wouldn't be of taylor's friends mom needs help with her english class, and I should go help her tomorrow, she also wants us to come over for the game... I don't really want to... and John wants me to go with him and clients to some church in Dallas (really its just work again for him)...I don't know if I want to or not.

I am off work Monday and have a lot to do. I am taking kids to get drivers licenses/permits. I am going to try to get on with Keller ISD one more time - or NORTHWEST ISD. anywhere but where I am...but I have a ton of school work I should be working on, grading and organizing stuff. but I am not... just having my own little pity party here at home... like a bump on a pickle...
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