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reflecting on the week...

Well, school went uncommonly well for me this week. I am loving my classes. The kids are just hilarious and if you just let them be themselves and get to know them, they are so cool. And it helps that I am teaching easy classes (not tested classes) so there is no pressure to make sure the KNOW and MEMORIZE every freaking thing we do. So we play games, read aloud books, and write a lot. The kids love my class.

I have to go grade, and plan for next week. I also need a nap. I have a new book to read by Suzanne Brockman.

J1 and I went on a date to the state fair. It was nice of him, I have been saying I wanted to go for years. Mostly to me, its a big idiot thing, where you spend money to not a lot. But I do like people watching so it was a bit entertaining for that. I did ride that big ferris wheel too, the largest ride in the Northern Hemisphere... cool...

ty went to julies, tay is on a date.... and um... we are sitting here being the parents we are....

I am a bit tired...
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