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Back to School

Well we have started this thing called Reflections at school and it makes kids think back on the class each day and write what they have learned and how they plan to use what they learn. Lots of teachers hate it, but I like it because it is good to get them to write.

So I had already decided to do that kind of thing for my own weeks of school and watch how my attitude changes along with the seasons.

But we did the first week. It went surprisingly well. I love my kids, I have only 16 in my homeroom and my 6th graders only have 20. So I have less students than all the other classes. They are really cool kids, different and all very smart. I will have to be prepared for sure.
1. What went well - my map activities and my movies went well for sure.
2. What needs work, organization of upcoming work, copies, and lesson planning better. My success rotation isn't working at all. I need to get that worked out better.
3. Coolest kids this week: Dakota, Noah, Gavin, Journee!!!

On a personal note:
I am glad we have a 3 day weekend. I am off to read a while then go to Brandy J. for dinner and family...(even tho I am the fat cousin in the goup) I didn't get to walk alot this week cause of school. I did fit in about 3 times but not serious workout. I did bike one day and tennis one day before J1 left. That was on Sunday it was a good workout. But still NO weight loss.
I am missing J1 cause he is gone off to a job in North Carolina.
I told J2 it was over. Stop IMing me. But now I know who he looks like - I could never think of the movie star when I was with him. But it is Matt Damon - Bourne Identity. He looks just like him. It's wierd. But oh well so long. The last encounter we had together was just stupid and I felt so fat and completely nasty that I thought why am I doing this to myself- it doesn't make me feel better. It is stupid. He is so young and totally just wants to fuck. So - I don't need a fuck buddy. To be brutally honest.
On the other hand I am totally lonely when j1 is gone...drives me nuts. I am constantly looking for someone to entertain me, or distract me. This book is doing a good job of distracting me lately. It is Play Dirty by Sandra Brown. Not your usual far I am intrigued... I love books about football players, teams, or navy seals. Just wierd I guess...
until later...d
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