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job hunting & interview side shows

I decided I should make more money so I thought I would attempt to get a part time job after school - like say on the weekends, waitressing or such. But no, to my dismay restaurants I applied with said they don't hire part time. Which is nutty to me, but O.K.

So, here I sit at my computer thinking I should be making some money somehow. I am going to search online again.

However, while I was out at this one restaurant. BBQ place - I decided to have lunch since it smelled so great and I was starving. So I order and as I sit alone in my booth, I watch others around me. I notice two men, obviously the mangers of the restaurant interviewing people at another booth. So both guys are chunky maybe 30 if that, I watch how they interviewed these two girls and OMG. It was crazy. One was funny, and questioning, and doing a serious eye contact ( almost leaning into the girls) the other was obviously the observer, he just made a few comments here and there. Much more reserved. But as each girl left, they totally watched the girls walk away, and grinned and nudged each other. I decided, dear God, how would I interview with these two clowns. So I stuff the application in my purse and ate my lunch and decided, I should find other work, cause others that were younger would be working here.

So, any ideas? What kind of job can a teacher do at night? That would make money? I have two weeks almost of free time now left before school starts full swing. And the money in the bank is dwindling.

However, good news is, I did an awesome walk today. It was nice through some new neighborhoods that has a wooded trail and almost like a hike.
Also, yesterday the kids and I took off to Turner Falls Oklahoma, and it was really pretty to see all the falls and water running down the rock. I so want to go camping somewhere, however not right now in the 100 degree heat. OUCH.

Also this weekend I came to the conclusion that J2 and I are not, and should not be. We met, it was awkward to say the least. I give up. I don't want a booty call guy. I don't want sex in the back seat of a truck. I don't want any part of that kind of guy. That seems to be what he wants, so I pretty much blew it off. So
on the other side of that coin, same thing with J1 he seems totally uninterested in me or my life, acting very odd these days.
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