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family ties...tied up and gag me...

Today I am irratated because I stayed home all day. NOT good. I can't stay here all day with nothing to do and listen to my mother constantly. She drives me nuts. Totally irriatating.

So today I thought about writing some on my one and thought maybe I can make some money that way or I should get a part time job doing something outside of the house. Anything to get away from her. Why did I invite my parents to live with me when I can't live with her.

My best friend called me today. With stupid news. I have grown away from my small, simple minded idiot friend from the hick small town. I kid you not, she called me this morning to tell me She has heard this rumor that one of our dear friends has had..... cosmetic surgery. OH dear. I was thinking what the fuck? Do I care if this person has cosmetic surgery. NO. Do I want people talking about me if I had had this proceedure. NO.. so why the hell did this chick call me and tell me. I could care LESSSSSS.

That bothered me a lot today because it is something my mother would feel or say or do. She would feel the same as I do. and I Hate BEING LIKE MY MOTHER. So I had planned to go to the park tonight to walk and let the dogs run. But NOW once again it is sunny out but freaking raining. This weather is the strangest thing I have ever seen. So crazy. Rain Rain Rain. Texas is never like this.
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Anything I can do for ya??
You can continue to be the simple inspiration in my life. You make me think about things, and you are encouraging to me all the time. So you can continue to be YOU! I am better today all smiles and I escaped to the library some today and got some books on writing. (anything than write myself - crazy isn't it) I am doing some characterization exercises to see if I can even make a believeable character. Then I got lost into some music website and that spent the other half of my day. I am in love with Norah Jones, Inriqu (some new guy) and keith urban, Taylor Swift. Maybe I should write lyrics. lol short and mean... lol
I would love to hear from you.. need your advice on my online friend. (Yes the same one)
Hey, I need your email address! I tried the sbcglobal one but it didn't work!

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